How to make unicorn ornaments

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How to make unicorn ornaments

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Hi DHH Lengel! Christmas is almost here and I wanted to teach you how to make unicorn ornaments. If you’re excited about Christmas then you might want to check this out.

Materials you will need:

1) A clear, hollow ornament

2) Clear glue

3) Glitter (any color)

4) Clay – one or two colors

5) Black Sharpie marker

6) Artificial crafting flowers

7) Gems

8) Hot glue gun


1) Pour the clear glue into the ornament.

2) Shake the ornament once it has glue in it.

3) Pour the glitter into the ornament.

4) Shake the glitter around once it is inside.

5) You can now draw eyes on the outside with a Sharpie.

6) Then you will need one or two colors of air-dry clay. Twist the two colors around until they look like a horn. Let the horn sit for twenty- four hours.

7) Make sure you have a parent or guardian with you for this step. Carefully take a hot glue gun and apply the horn on to your ornament.

8) Finally, you can add gems or artificial crafting flowers with a hot glue gun. Make sure you have a guardian with you whenever you’re using the hot glue gun!

I hope you enjoyed this how-to! Have a great holiday!

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