Student Spotlight: Parrish McFarland

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Parrish McFarland was born on October 29, and he is 12 years old. He is from Pottsville, PA. Parrish’s favorite sports are football and wrestling. His homeroom teacher is Mrs.Dunkel room 212. He said if he was president he would ban racism, and he would help kids that get bullied. Parrish also said he would build shelters for the homeless. In his house lives his mom, dad, brother, cousin, his uncle, and his two dogs

He said his superhero power would be super strength, flight, and the ability to not die. He likes to play football and manhunt with friends. He also likes to play basketball, kickball, and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. He also likes to play tenniball. Parrish’s favorite snack is Middlesworth barbecue chips.  His favorite food is cheesesteaks.  His favorite co-curricular is physical education with Mr. Wartella. His favorite football player is Marshawn Lynch. His favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan. Parrish’s favorite restaurants are Applebees and Texas Roadhouse. His favorite brand is KD.  His favorite football team is the Cowboys.

Parrish likes doing flips on his trampoline. Parrish is a running back in football, and he scored at least 12 touchdowns this year! He also loves Thai food.  Parrish is also a very great wrestler. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Parrish McFarland!

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