Beauty from Afar

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Beauty from Afar




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Your eyes have the green of the forest,

They own the blue of the sea.

Behind them is a universe,

So interesting to me.

Your golden locks flow in curls down your face,

The color of your hair took the sun’s place.

The shade of your lips never fades away,

That bright, cherry red always seems to stay.

Your big beautiful smile can brighten any place,

There is something broken past that spotless face.

Your body never shows it, though your brain knows,

There is a secret past that pale skin-of-snow.

The darkness never fades, it takes you with it,

Though you never show that you want to quit.

I have always seen past that spotless face,

The beauty of a million seen from outer space.

Your heart shines like a star, it is so bright,

It never seems to dim, not even at night.

Sure the outside is glorious, but first, step in,

You must see the beauty that is stored within.

I’ve been watching the beauty blossom and grow,

You need to believe that it truly shows.

You change the lives around you, but you could never tell,

I truly sometimes wish you would see it as well.

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